List of Publications




  1. The Impact and Promise of American Legal Education in Transition Countries: The Kenyan Experience; with Specific Reference to Moi University School of Law. Published as Proceedings of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law roundtable on the Export of Legal Education: An Evaluation of Its Promise and Impact in Transition Countries. Held at the University the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, 26-27 January 2007. Available at
  2. Child maintenance Rights and Kenyan Law: Litigation as a Tool for Enforcement 1 (20 Moi University Law Journal 83, 2007.
  3. Judicial Independence in the East African Court of Justice 1 (1), Moi University law Journal 46, 2006.
  4. Of Mare Liberum and the Ever Creeping State Jurisdiction: Taking an Inventory of the Freedom of the Seas 1 (1) Moi University Law Jouranl 105, 2006. (Co-published with T.O. Ojienda).
  5. Resolving Trade Disputes in Africa: Choosing Between multilateralism and Regionalism: the Case of COMESA and the WTO 13 TUL. J. INT’L & COMP. L. 2005, 177-217.
  6. Learning Law by Doing Law: The Theoretical Underpinnings and Practical Implications of Clinical Legal Education in Kenya; Law in Africa, Issue 2, 2003 (Co-published with T.O. Ojienda).
  7. Reflections on the Implementation of Clinical Legal Education in Moi University, Kenya, in International Journal of Clinical Legal Education (June 2002) (Co-Published with T.O. Ojienda)
  8. Community Based Property Rights and the Management of Natural Resources in Kenya: A Case Study of the Endorois Community in Baringo District. Paper Presented at a property Rights Workshop held at Nakuru.


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